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If you’re suffering from a blocked tear system or want to fix a droopy eyelid, eyelid surgery might be right for you. Texas Eye Doctors in McKinney, Texas, has experts in oculoplastics, a specialized area of reconstructive and plastic surgery, that’s concerned with your eyelids and the structures around your eyes. To learn more about how eyelid surgery can benefit you, schedule an appointment with Hena Khaja, MD, and her team today by calling the office, or requesting an appointment online.

Eyelid Surgery Q & A

What is eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is plastic surgery for around your orbit or the bony cavity that encompasses your eyes. It also refers to surgical procedures done on the tear system, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows, and eyelids.

Eyelid surgery may be for reconstructive, medical, or cosmetic purposes. An oculoplastic surgeon has undergone extensive training in plastic surgery in addition to training as an ophthalmologist. 

What conditions can eyelid surgery treat?

Texas Eye Doctors can treat a wide range of conditions with eyelid surgery. Reconstructive and functional oculoplastics treat:

  • Orbital tumor
  • Eye socket reconstruction
  • Orbital surgery
  • Eyelid reconstruction
  • Orbital trauma and fractures
  • Graves’ disease
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Eyelid lesions
  • Ptosis

Eyelid surgery is also popular for cosmetic procedures, such as: 

  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Correcting droopy eyelids
  • Forehead lifts
  • Brow lifts

Some oculoplastic services include non-surgical cosmetic procedures that target your eye regions, like eyelash growth stimulation, fat grafting, and collagen fillers.

How can eyelid surgery fix a droopy eyelid?

There are two eyelid surgery procedures at Texas Eye Doctors that can reshape your eyelid: blepharoplasty and ptosis repair.

Blepharoplasty is also known as an eyelid lift and is a procedure that removes excess fat and skin from your eyelids. In extreme cases, when this excess fat and skin impair your vision, blepharoplasty can significantly improve your ability to see.

Ptosis happens when the muscles and tendons in your eye become too loose and stretch out, leaving your eyelid to droop down over your eye. Ptosis can make it hard to keep your eyelids fully open, and can significantly interfere with your vision. Ptosis repair is an eyelid surgery that involves shortening or reattaching the tendons or muscles. This helps to properly lift the eyelid back into its proper place, significantly improving your appearance and vision. 

How can eyelid surgery help my tear ducts?

Your lacrimal drainage system is a series of small canals in your eyelids that are connected to ducts that empty into your nose. It provides a route for excess tears to drain through your eyes, but it can sometimes become blocked, trapping bacteria that can cause blurry vision, inflammation around your eye, and eye infections. 

Eyelid surgery removes the blockage and repairs your drainage system. In some cases, your oculoplastic surgeon inserts a stent to bypass the tear duct and ensure proper drainage.

To learn more about how eyelid surgery can improve your vision and your appearance, schedule a visit today by calling Texas Eye Doctors or booking an appointment online.

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